Hog Hunting Package

We are over-run with hogs, h e l p !!


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 ~ 2 yrs. to use ~

We are Over-Run with Hogs, H E L P !!

REGULAR $799 per hunter

Now Only $299 per hunter!  2 YEARS TO USE THIS HUNT.

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SPECIAL Ending Soon ~ Don’t Miss it! !


~ 2 yrs. to use ~

This is a 3 day, 2 night wild hog hunt package,

and includes

  • 2 hogs ANY SIZE! Or, unlimited Hogs if used during our Special Summer Sessions that we use for Hog Control! (see calendar for dates)
  •  Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat,  or Mountain  lion. We only see a few mountain lion per year, but we want them shot on sight!)
  •  Day & Night hunting sessions
  •  All Meals and Drinks
  • Great Lodging in the bunkhouse ( private cabins are available by clicking here:  ( http://texas-hog-hunts.myshopify.com/products/private-cabin )
  • Hunters choice of weapons; rifle, shotgun, archery/bow/crossbow, or shotgun.

Not included: 

  • Hunting license: Non Resident is $48 for adults, and $9 for minors @ Walmart
    • Hog Cleaning per hog is $50 up to 50 lbs, $1/lb thereafter. Bigger hogs are cut into 10 pieces, and ready for the cooker!  This service also includes retrieval from the field, freezing or chilling the meat, and packaging in ice at your departure.
    • Gratuity for your staff
    • Gun Rentals and ammo are available if needed
    • Guide/Staff fee of $100/hunter.  This is to be paid in cash, upon arrival
    • All non-included services are to be paid in cash only at the ranch.
    • You can add additional hogs bigger than piglets for $100 when purchased in advance. If purchased at the ranch, the cost is $1.50/lb kill fee.

This is a great hog hunt for archery hunting, crossbow, rifle hunting or shotgun. Bow hunters love hunting in the “honey hole” with a very high success rate.

You have 2 years to use the boar hunt after purchase.

IMPORTANT ~ what it will cost to add hunters after your initial purchase:

*If you purchase the discounted special, you can only add hunters at the same price for the next 7 days after the original purchase.

*The cost will increase $50/hunter if added between 8-30 days.  

*The cost is will increase $100/hunter if added after 30 days of the original purchase.

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Bonus!!  For every 6 hunters you bring, we will add 1 trophy hog hunt, fully guided and guaranteed for a trophy hog weighing over 300 lbs!  Bring 24 hunters and get 4 trophy hog hunts! This is in addition to your other purchased hunt.  Please allow for butchering costs.

Check-In time is 3 PM on day of arrival, and Check-Out is 1 PM on the 3rd day.

 Check in days are every day of the week.  3 day hunt is 46 clock hours.

 The first hunt on the first day is a night hunt.  The second day includes 4 hunting sessions, and the last day includes an early morning hunt.  The 3 day  hunt will consist of 6 different hunting sessions. Get your gun or bow, and get ready for the best hunt ever!

Our Hunting Season never ends! We are open all-year!

You can purchase this hog hunt special securely online by clicking here 

You can add a Ram to your hog hunt by clicking here

Every person attending the hunt must provide a release of liability upon arrival at the ranch gate.  Get your release here   Each day on the calendar represents a 3 day hunt.  Don’t look for 3 consecutive days. If the start date is available, the entire 3 days are available for your hunt.

This hunt starts at 9:15-9:30 am daily and ends upon a successful harvest or dark, whichever comes first.

and includes:
  • 1 Hog ANY SIZE + unlimited piglets up to 50 lbs each
  • Hunting in the”Honey Hole!”
  • Lunch
not included:
    • Hog Cleaning: Cost is $50 to gut and skin hogs 50 lbs or less. Cost is $1.lb thereafter. Bigger hogs are cut into 10 pieces, and ready for the cooker!  This service also includes retrieval from the field, freezing or chilling the meat, and packaging in ice at your departure.
  • gratuity
  • not included services are to be paid in cash only at the ranch
  • Gun and ammo are available for $65 if needed.
  • Hunting License:  ($25 resident or $48 non-resident @ Walmart. Under 17 yrs old; $10.) 

Additional hogs bigger than a piglet can be taken for $1.50/lb, any size

Non hunters can join you on your hunt for a trespass fee of $50. ( This is for day hunts only, not 3 day hunts.)

You will need to print, sign, and have the release of liability in-hand upon arrival to enter the ranch.  This is required of everyone entering the ranch.
Hunter orange hat and vest is required 
bring your weapon of choice, and cooler to take your meat home

    If after carefully reading this website and you still have a question, please call the Ranch Boss at 832-419-6151