Our Ranch Animals

Our Ranch is home to several exotic animals including Deer, Rams, Elk, Boars, Water Buffalo, and Watusi.


Feral Hogs

Texas has more wild hogs than any other state, and the wild hog population in Texas exceeds the total wild hog population of all other states combined!  Our hogs range in type from wild to feral to domestic, with over 90% having Russian boar influence.  The vast majority of hunters take hogs, but as it is with the nature of hunting, not all hunters see or take their bag limits.



Native American Elk were introduced to Texas Ranches over 100 years ago, and now live and survive successfully all over the state.  We have bred and maintained a herd of  Rocky Mountain Elk on our ranch for over a decade.  Each year, we offer a few select mature, trophy bull elk for harvest.  Check with the ranch for availability for this season or next.  Your early deposit will guarantee your trophy bull elk.  Prices range from $3500+ for bulls and $1500 for cows.


Whitetail Deer

We offer management buck hunts to trophy whitetail hunts each winter season.  Our annual season is from the first weekend in November to the first weekend in January.  Our hunts are offered on several different ranches throughout the state and range in price from $3000 up.



Our species of ram range from black Hawaiian to Corsican, Texas Dahn, Barbado and a few others.  We also have Ibex, Spanish Goats, and a variety of different sheep.  Prices range from $700 up.


Axis Deer

Axis deer are native to India and a few surrounding countries, and was first introduced to Texas in 1932.  Today this beautiful species can be found on many Texas ranches, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the deer family.  The meat is also considered by many to be the most tender and flavorful venison.  We offer both buck and doe hunts most of the year.  The hides are also considered a trophy from either sex.  The cost of a doe is $850, and the bucks are $2950 up


Red Stag

The red deer or red stag is one of the largest deer species. The red deer inhabits most of Europe, and parts of western Asia, and central Asia. Red deer have been introduced to other areas around the world.  The red stag is a close cousin to the American elk, being smaller in body size, but typically have a much more impressive set of antlers. Mature red stags range in weight from 300-500 lbs.  Our ranch offers red stag hunts starting at $3500. The female hinds are $1500.


Water Buffalo

 The Asian Water Buffalo has been used for “beasts of burden, in their native countries for centuries.  They are also used as a food source.  The bulls typically exceed 2000 lbs. Water Buffalo are offered on the ranch for $5000+.



Blackbuck antelope are native to the sub-continentof India, and are endangered in their home range.Texas ranches introduced the blackbuck to its landsover 80 years ago, and the species has proliferated.Because of the success of breeding this species inTexas, many Blackbuck were returned to their native country of India to help with their diminishing herds.Typically, the male will weigh under 100 lbs, but display a very impressive set of horns that can exceed 30″ in length. Blackbuck are offered for $2950+



The Ibex or wild goat are animals of mountain habitats. They are very agile and hardy, able to climb on bare rock and survive on sparse vegetation.There are 9 different species of the wild goat. Offered on the ranch for $750+


Sika Deer

The sika deer, also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia, and introduced to various other parts of the world. Japan has by far the largest native sika population in the world.  This species of deer has been successfully introduced to many Texas ranches, and has continued to breed successfully.  Offered at $2950+


Fallow Buck

The Fallow Deer is native to western Eurasia, but has been introduced widely in Texas.  This beautiful animal comes in 3 different color phases, and displays an impressive palmated antler. Like all deer, they shed and re grow their antlers every season.  Offered at $2950+.



Our list of varmints that live on the ranch includefox, possum, gopher, armadillo, ringtail cat, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, and an occasional mountain lion. Varmint hunts are provided with all packages as an extra activity and at no extra charge.

Preparing for the Hunt

Before coming down to the ranch, be sure you have packed the right gear and equipment by visiting our Preparing for a Successful Hunt blog post.

For More Information

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